Let's take responsibility together and secure a sustainable future for tomorrow, by achieving sustainability today.

Enconyx is setting an example by combining cutting-edge engineering with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to achieve and sustain a better future.

Enconyx Building Management Systems deliver benefits to these, and many other application areas:

Office Buildings

Retail Complexes

Industrial Buildings

Warehouse and Storage Facilities

Residential Complexes

School and University Campuses



Increasing your output with the best use of valuable resources.


Creativity and imagination mixed with a deep reserve of knowledge.


Taking an initiative towards a greener world, and saving resources which can't be replaced.

We're dedicated to building a society that prioritises maximum output and minimum wastage. We ensure all our projects ensure proper energy and power management.

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    FIAWA Community Centre

    70-80 Jackson Avenue, Winthrop Western Australia 6150, Australia

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