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Enconyx Smart Buildings system is an IoT-based platform designed for holistic and effortless building management. Simplify and optimise operational costs of a single or series of buildings while retaining maximum occupant comfort and satisfaction. Enconyx Smart Buildings pairs real-time monitoring and data collection with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to identify and predict efficiency opportunities.

Enconyx is highly customisable to suit any building network’s requirements with a suite of flexible hardware and intuitive software offering. With the option to source and analyse data from pre-existing hardware, Enxonyx is a versatile solution that opens the door to a truly optimised building network.

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At Enconyx, we pride ourselves on guiding our clients to tangible savings by drastically simplifying their building management efforts. Driven by a desire to improve your bottom line, or simply to reduce your environmental impact? Enconyx can provide value to any organisation.

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