( Multi-Utility Spatial Intelligence & Control )

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The Enconyx MUSIC System effortlessly manages and controls multi-utility systems spread over vast geographical areas. Employing the latest in advancements in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, MUSIC tirelessly sources and analyses data in real-time.

Whether a standalone building or network, an entire City or Industry, MUSIC equips owners and managers with the means to reduce cost and improve efficiency by minimising resource wastage and optimising utilisation.

MUSIC in Motion
What do We Offer?
Air Quality Monitoring

Measure temperature, humidity and air pressure with our IoT-based monitoring solution. Detect and reduce CO2 emissions for cleaner operations.

Occupancy Management

Gain full insight on foot traffic in your facilities. Define multiple zones and person limits in multiple buildings. Set capacity alerts and access rules such as one-in, one-out logic. Control utility consumption in unused areas, reducing wastage.

Utility Management

Manage vital resources such as energy, water and gas with the help of our agile and scalable technology. Optimize the placement of utilities in ways that reward your business the most.

Predictive Maintenance

Predict and schedule maintenance, instead of reacting to breakdowns. Enconyx analyses and optimises systems and processes with AI and ML to identify faults before they occur. Reduce downtime and maintenance cost by taking confident action, only when required.

Ambience Control

Maintain occupant experience through temperature control, tuned specifically to the number of occupants in any given area. Maximise the comfort of your spaces through an easy-to-use, single point of access. Increase your visitor comfort and bring goodwill to your business in the long run.

Smart Parking

Take the hassle out of finding a parking spot, with Smart Parking constantly monitoring and navigating you to the closest vacant bay. Monitoring occupancy in real-time with Enconyx's advanced platform allowing building occupants and visitors the convenience of a seamless parking experience.

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